Saturday, October 22, 2005

Serendipitous Searching

Serendipitous searching happens when your quest for information on a particular topic leads you unexpectedly to find something interesting — whether or not the result is connected to your original query.

The Internet makes it much easier to experience this type of searching.

I decided to search for the phrase "serendipitous searching" to find out more about the topic and not only did I find definitions and examples, but also I found Banana Slug, a wonderful tool that promotes serendipitous surfing by adding a random word along with your search topic or phrase. I found the site mentioned in a boingboing entry. Boingboing bills itself as "a directory of wonderful things."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cool Tool to Keep Track of Library Books

Mac OS X users can keep track of library books using Library Books by Harold Chu. Not only does the program connect to multiple library catalogues, download lists of books you have checked out at each and display them in your menu bar, but also can automatically add entries to iCal to remind you to return or renew them. You can also sync your Palm handheld or mobile and be reminded while on the move.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Some of My Favorite RSS Feeds

Here are some of my favorite RSS feeds:

43 Folders provides a wealth of tips in four areas: 1) productivity and time management, 2) Mac OS X programs and technologies, 3) ideas about modest ways to improve your life and reduce stress, and
4) cool or helpful shortcuts that makes life a bit easier

Ehow provides clear instructions on how to do (just about) everything

IT Conversations is a listener- and underwriter-supported network of high-end tech talk-radio interviews, discussions and presentations from major conferences delivered live and on-demand via the Internet.

Learning 2005 University provides video, audio and text segments to trigger conversations and dialogues in the learning field.