Friday, September 23, 2005

Software Must Haves for Macintosh OSX Tiger

If you are a Macintosh Tiger user and haven't discovered these free or inexpensive items, be sure to check them out. The links take you to Versiontracker where you can read reviews and then download the software to try it.

iClip helps you save time and be more efficient with most everything you do on your Mac. Store various types of clippings in iClip's bins and access them whenever you need them. You'll improve your workflow and stay focused on what you're accomplishing.

KeyCue is a simple, unobtrusive utility application that helps you find, remember, and learn menu shortcuts. Just hold down the Command key for a while - KeyCue comes to help and shows a table of all currently available menu shortcuts. When you have found the desired shortcut in the KeyCue table, just type it and continue working as usual. The KeyCue window will disappear automatically. Over time, you will automatically remember frequently used shortcuts and become a power user of your favorite applications, working much more efficiently.

Quicksilver is an evolving framework for accessing and manipulating many forms of personal data. It creates a catalog of applications and some frequently used folders and documents. Activate it, and you can search for and open anything in its catalog instantly. The search is adaptive, so Quicksilver will recognize which items you are searching for based on previous experience. It also supports abbreviations, so you can type entire words, or just fragments of each. When not in use, Quicksilver vanishes, waiting for the next time you summon it.

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