Tuesday, April 06, 2004

March—What a Variety of Experiences

March really flew by. On the 12th, I coordinated a staff day for the Sonoma County Library at the San Francisco Public Library. I took Amtrak from Sacramento to San Francisco. I got off the connecting bus at the San Francisco Center, home of Nordstrom's and stopped in at one of my favorite travel stores, Going In Style (see the website at http://www.goinginstyle.com). After a great customer service experience, I transferred my belongings to a new suitcase, left my old one for disposal and continued on my way to my hotel. I even had time to visit the new Apple Computer store; what a fantastic place (see photos at http://www.apple.com/retail/sanfrancisco/gallery2.html).

On the 23rd, I coordinated a workshop entitled Reenergize Your Library’s Service Environment attended by seventy nine participants from ten states (see http://infopeople.org/WS/workshop/Workshop/155). The focus of the first half was the FISH! philosophy (see http://www.charthouse.com/product_film_fp.asp). The second half featured staff of the fantastic Cerritos Library (see photos at http://www.ci.cerritos.ca.us/library/photos/library.html).

The rest of the month I was hard at work at a variety of projects. A major new experience I am engrossed in is the design of my first online course, Effective Time Management for Library Staff. It is a five week course that begins April 20 (see the description at http://infopeople.org/WS/workshop/Workshop/153).