Saturday, July 17, 2004

My Life is Full of Online Experiences

The last three months have been so full—teaching a five week online course, Effective Time Management for Library Staff, writing for and editing the CLENExchange, a quarterly newsletter of the Continuing Library Education and Networking Exchange Round Table of the American Library Association. Copies can be downloaded at (, taking an online course module on community analysis from Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada), and preparing for the American Library Association Conference in Orlando.

For those who have struggled with weight and exercise programs, I highly recommend a website that has become a part of my daily life since November—Nutrawatch, (; it allows tracking of both exercise and diet. Not only have I lost 25 pounds, but for the first time I really feel I have a long term solution. When an injury prevented me from exercising, I once again found it difficult to keep my weight stable. I consulted a nutritionist and rehab chiropractor to help me set up a customized program I could follow. As usual, the best way to motivate oneself is to keep records of what you eat, what exercises you do and keep track of your results. NutraWatch provides an easy to use online solution.

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