Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exploring Web 2.0 Tools

Another milestone along my Web 2.0 learning curve happening today!

I've had this blog since 2004 and have tried out lots of new online tools over the years, however, I've not learned much about html.

I'm a "template kind of person" who likes to find easy to understand examples and just customize them with my specifics.

I'm a Mac user and for blog entries, I use MarsEdit, a shareware program that costs $24.95. MarsEdit is described as a powerful blog authoring made simple with an email-like interface for editing and publishing.

My newest aha today was to figure out how to add a Twitter badge to this blog. Scroll down to the bottom to see the lines at the very bottom of this page. As you can see today I was reading about iPhones.

What I'm doing - Twitter
* Reading mail from Twitter saying the company bought iPhones for all of its employees! 16 minutes ago
follow me on Twitter

Twitter describes badges as "widgets that display your latest twitter
updates on your myspace, blogger, facebook, typepad, or other web
page. They're great for letting your visitors know what you're
doing right now and keeping your page up-to-date via SMS, IM, or
other Twitter device."

I tried it with great success because I got an email from Twitter saying they "recently made it much easier to grab, customize, and install the badge that's right for you." Even though I still consider myself using training wheels, at least I'm able to be creative!

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